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Teaching Ballet Throughout the World

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With regards to classical ballet training, the Royal Academy of Dance of London is unique worldwide.

The Academy was founded in 1920 and has since reached the point of being the largest academy for examinations and classical ballet training worldwide. Our program is taught in more than 70 countries and keeps training standards at a high level for over 250,000 students each year.

Our International network of trained examiners travel all over the world to examine the Academy’s pupils following the program at all levels. And because a system is only as good as the teachers teaching it, we have comprehensible training seminars for our teachers to follow.

Send your child to the right teacher

sxolh xoroAlthough ballet is a fun activity, it requires a lot from the human body.  For this reason parents need to take special care and send their children to suitable professionals.

All our teachers are obliged to follow a training program, and upon graduation they are able to be included in our teaching list. Furthermore, the teachers are continually checked to ensure they meet the high level of study we require.

So before you send your child to ballet class, ensure that the teacher is REGISTERED and is a holder of the Teaching Qualification Diploma of the Royal Academy or registered in the training course. 

Only these two categories of teachers are allowed to enter pupils for the Academy’s examinations.

An International Organization

The Royal Academy of Dance is here to offer certainty and encouragement for children, parents and teachers all over the world.

For all the young people worldwide who want to dance or teach professionally or just dance because they love it, we promise not only the best and careful training but an exciting challenge with knowledge and appreciation for one of the greatest arts.